Last updated on 2nd Jan 2023

These guidelines govern the use of this Website. Thesis Ace Writers retains the right to amend, revise, or eliminate any of its policies or provisions at its discretion and without previous notification. You are encouraged to be informed of any relevant updates.


If You seek the cancellation of an Order for any reason, the refund policy is subject to the restrictions listed below.

  • 1)If Your Order has been assigned to a writer and You request a cancellation, You will receive a 50% refund.
  • 2) You are eligible for a 90 percent refund if Your Order has not yet been assigned to a writer and You seek a cancellation.
  • 3) If there are missing Order information and You seek a cancellation, You are eligible for a 95 percent return.

If You request a refund after the work has been delivered, we will only accept it if You have sufficient, valid arguments to support Your claims against the offered work.

This statement is for consumers who received their Orders. Please note that as soon as we approve or process the refund, the project or document received from the Website's services will be instantly published online in Our resources. This is to prevent You from being utilised in unintended ways. Similarly, it will be forwarded to many Websites that check for plagiarism to prevent any unintentional use.